About Eastgate Advisors, llc

Eastgate Advisors, llc of Atlanta, GA uses a global asset allocation investment approach in order to broaden the investment opportunity set and maximize diversification for risk control purposes.

Investment Objectives

Our strategies’ investment objectives are to outperform their strategic asset allocation benchmarks over a three-to-five year investment horizon while maintaining down-side risk within investor risk tolerances.

Investment Philosophy

Investors requiring a return which exceeds the return of a risk free asset must assume market risk. Market risks should be globally diversified and scaled to the risk tolerances of each investor. We seek to earn incremental return over the global markets benchmark by using specialist external managers; by actively managing risk and controlling investment costs.

Investment Process

We build diversified global market portfolios with exposure to stocks, bonds, money markets, commodities and real assets. We lever or de-lever a global markets portfolio to meet the return and risk tolerances of the investor. Our strategic investment horizon is three-to-five years and our tactical investment horizon is one-to-three years. We use active external manager specialists to add incremental value through bottom up security selection. We periodically rebalance for risk control purposes.

About Eastgate Advisors, LLC

Risk Management

We focus on managing idiosyncratic risks, global market risks, active risks, leverage and on maintaining adequate liquidity. We use dynamic, down-side risk management. Maximum annual down-side risk targets for our allocation strategies are as follows:

  • Conservative allocation: -5%
  • Moderate Risk allocation: -10%
  • Growth allocation: -15%
  • Aggressive allocation: -20%

Eastgate Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer

Eastgate Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer has 30 years of experience managing multi-asset class, allocation strategies for institutional, private wealth, sovereign wealth and ERISA investors.He has held positions as chief investment officer, deputy chief investment officer and chief risk officer with institutional and private wealth investors. He is a CFA charter-holder; author of the case study “Managing Global, Multi-Asset Class Fund Risk” and a graduate of St. John’s University (MN).

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